At 7-7 Marine Services, we possess a collection of merchant ships that are well furnished and subjugated for various cargo deliveries for commercially competitive rewards. We also offer chandelling services that involves dealing in the provision of consumable supplies and equipment for ships in need of our services. We pledge to provide our clients with the high service quality they demand and within the timespan given to us by our clients.

In our supply services, we provide our clients with quality stores needs in competitive prices.

Some of the supplies that we can provide includes ropes, sail-cloths, turpentine, tar, hemp, oakum, lard, varnish, twine, tallow, technical tools (hammer, chisel, nails, caulking iron, hatchet, axe, boat hooks, marlinspike among others), maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds & equipment, navigational equipment, safety equipment, duty-free stores, emergency medical kits and food supplies among others for the ship and crew members.

Our ship chandelling services also entails great offers on all shipping commodities and ensuring that the desires of the ship, its captain and crew are provided by our team of ship chandelling experts. The administration of 7-7 Marine comprises of professionals of ship budgeting and cost control experts, therefore our vessel supply division would be available to work within our client’s budgets. Due to our extensive knowledge and wide connection networks in the marine sector, we assure our clients of top-class service that would surpass their prospects.

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